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Step 3. Repair iPhone won't sync with iTunes errors. Return to the program's home page, select Fix Other iTunes Problems mode. If you don't know what's wrong with iTunes, you can click on this mode. Step 4. The software will start installing repair driver and fixing this problem. Solution 4. Reinstall the Drivers (Windows Computers Only -- I have had the iPhone and iTunes on a windows computer, and I am frustrated with the fact I can't sync my iPhone to iTunes. It's as if my iPod isn't being recognized by iTunes. Thus, I'm unable to transfer music from iPhone to my computer. My sister have the same problem when syncing her iPod to iTunes Before you use iTunes to sync content to your iOS or iPadOS device, consider using iCloud, Apple Music, or similar services to keep content from your Mac or PC in the cloud. This way, you can access your music, photos, and more on your devices when you aren't near your computer. Learn more about using Apple Music or iCloud Photos instead of iTunes Corrupted iTunes/iPhone Library (iTunesDB and iTunesCDB files) will cause iTunes won't sync with iPhone. In this case you need a professional iTunes repair tool to fix it. Tenorshare TunesCare is a free iTunes repair tool that can fix all iTunes syncing problems with easy steps Nonetheless, if iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max doesn't sync with iTunes you need to fix the issue immediately. iTunes app is everything for the iOS users and if you can't connect to it, then you are in deep trouble. Thankfully, we have provided all the tips and tricks required to make the connection once again

How to Fix it when iTunes won't sync with iPhone, iPad

Click on the Ok button to apply the changes, and now you can sync the device with iTunes. Tip 5. Reauthorize iTunes. A major reason why the iPhone won't sync music to iTunes is a security concern that halts the sync session every time you try it. To fix this, you need to reauthorize your system with iTunes There can be a lot of reasons why this happens. Sometimes it could be the cord that goes kaput or sometimes it's because the drivers aren't updated. We've built a few possible solutions that can fix the issue. Check them out: How to Fix iPhone or iPad Cannot Connect to iTunes. Scenario #1: iPhone is connected to the computer, your iPhone. Other Quick Solutions to Fix iPhone not Syncing with iTunes . Here are some quick solutions that you can try in order to fix your 'iPhone won't syncing after iOS 14/13 update' problem: #1 Reinstall iTunes . Completely uninstalling iTunes can fix many issues. To completely uninstall iTunes, it is recommended that you use iMyFone TunesFix You can sync your iPhone with iTunes after you set it up, if that's what you want to do. (I don't.) iPhone is Enabled! Your iPhone is up and running and you've learned the common reasons why iPhones get disabled in the first place

Use iTunes to sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with your

  1. Suddenly iTunes is telling me my iPhone (4s) is 12G over capacity when the phone shows over 15G free. Consequently, I can't sync after adding anything new in iTunes. This seems to have something to do with the music management section
  2. Solutions to Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Won't Sync with iTunes. Jerry Cook; Updated on 2020-10-22 to Fix iTunes; iOS users tend to sync songs, playlists, photos or some other types of data from computer to iPhone or iPad using iTunes, but what if things go wrong, like the iTunes sync button greyed out or iTunes won't sync music to iPhone 7 , all these will result in iPhone won't sync with iTunes.
  3. Typically iTunes will sync with an iOS device without incident, but sometimes things go awry, and iTunes just won't sync at all. If you find yourself in that frustrating situation, here is what you can do to fix it and get the iPhone, iPod, or iPad syncing with iTunes on a Mac or PC again
  4. iTunes is one of my favorite pieces of software. It's great for backing up your iPhone and syncing your iPhone to your computer. So when something goes wrong, you find yourself scratching your head and saying, My iPhone won't sync! — and that can be really frustrating
  5. Fortunately it can often be side-stepped by just taking your iPhone/iPad and clicking on the App Store app, then tapping on the Updates tab, and then tapping on 'Update All' at the top right. If that complains that there's not enough space you can let do some updates then try again (and again) and will update the rest of the apps
  6. 2. Use iTunes Sync When Can't Drag Music to iPhone. Another way to get around the problem of not being able to add your music to iPhone is to simply use iTunes sync instead of dragging and dropping. You can do this with these steps: Launch iTunes. Click on the device icon for your iPhone. Click on Music from the list of content types on the left

Top 6 Ways to Fix iPhone Won't Sync With iTunes

Some Apple users have reported that their iPhone can't sync with iTunes after they update iPhone to iOS 11 from iOS 10.3.3. As they described, everything is working fine on iPhone but iTunes syncing feature does not work when trying to sync iPhone with iTunes And it can occur for more reasons like: most people think it is related to authorization and administration issues - computer doesn't permit unauthorized users to sync some data to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

How to Fix iPhone 12/11 Can't Sync with iTunes Issu

Question 1: I have had the iPhone 11 Pro for some time now, and I am frustrated with the fact that I can't sync music to my iPhone.It's almost as if anything I purchased prior to getting the iPhone 6s will not sync. I have tried syncing music, removing everything, restoring, and my iPhone not showing up in iTunes Indeed, iTunes can help you transfer videos, audios, photos and more from computer to your iPhone/iPad. But it can not always perform as you expected. Many iPhone users have reported problems like iTunes won't sync to iPhone, iTunes won't sync music to iPhone 8 and iPhone X won't sync with iTunes Home » iTunes won't sync songs to iPhone or iPod (85 votes, average: 3.93 out of 5) This troubleshooting article explains how to fix the issue of iTunes not syncing songs back to your iPhone or iPod. In most cases, the problem is caused by misconfigured iTunes sync settings for your iPhone or iPod Can't sync iTunes to iPhone 6- Here is how to December 17, 2016 June 4, 2018 Kamal Kaur 0 Comments After upgrading to the latest iOS 9.3.5 or iOS 10 you might have got the following message on your new music Can't sync iTunes to iPhone 6 and that can be frustrating If you choose manual syncing, you can sync iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle with multiple iTunes libraries. You can sync iPhone and iPad with only one iTunes library at a time. Note: If you subscribe to Apple Music, you can't sync your saved Apple Music songs to a device

Syncing iPhone to iTunes using Wi-Fi If you are reluctant to mess with cables to connect your iPhone to the computer, there are wireless operations at your service, which can make sync much easier. Nevertheless, syncing over Wi-Fi should be preceded by connecting your iOS device to the computer by means of a good old USB cable You can also restore its backup from iTunes as well. Bonus: Use an alternative to iTunes. Even after resolving the iTunes not syncing issue, chances are that you can face it again after a while. Therefore, it is recommended to use an alternative to iTunes to move past the sync session failed to start or the iPhone 6s won't sync with iTunes. If iTunes can't sync photos to iPhone, you might need to check your iPhone, computer or the photos you are preparing to sync. Follow the 5 solutions in this passage to troubleshoot and solve this problem. If this passage solves your problem, you should share it to help more people iPhone won't sync music with iTunes. I upgrade iTunes to its latest version, but it still can't sync music or playlist to my iPhone 5s. Did I make something wrong? iTunes will sync my iPhone photos to Mac when I connect my iPhone 6 to Mac. But now, it does not give the pop-up interface, and won't sync my iPhone photos with Mac. Any help You can easily sync iPhone Photos with iTunes to share information between devices. You can set up iTunes to sync photos, videos, music, movies, TV shows, and more to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from the Photos app, or from a folder on your computer

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From iOS 10 to iOS 11, many iOS users have reported the issue that iTunes can't sync music to iPhone. Some people say that the music sync sticks with messages like Waiting to copy items or Waiting for changes to be applied. No matter how many times they have tried, no a song has been ever transferred I can only assume that it was a problem with the sync-cable I was using before, but I had been using the same sync-cable for over a year now and it worked just fine prior to experiencing this problem. If anyone else is experiencing this problem; I recommend checking or changing the sync-cable or docking station you're using with your iphone

How to get iTunes to recognise an iPod, iPhone or iPad Here's a sadly common story. You plug your iPhone into your computer, but nothing happens: no icon appears, there's no response of any kind If you are using a hub, try connecting the iPhone cable directly to the computer/Mac. Sometimes, electrical/circuit problems at the USB port can reset the connection between the device and the computer. Solution #3. Reset Sync History. Within iTunes, there's a Reset Sync History button under Device Preferences

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Method 6. One Click to sync iPad to iTunes When iTunes won't sync iPad, you can try something different. Nowadays, there're many iTunes alternative tools that can sync data to iPad. Here, I recommend you the most reliable one - Dr.Fone - Phone Manager. Download and install this tool and try it yourself Many Apple users feedback that their new iPhone 11 can't show up in their Mac computer with macOS 10.13 High Sierra. Although the iPhone 11 is connected to a USB cable and the iPhone 11 is charging, there is no iPhone icon in iTunes 1. Uncheck the checkmark next to the song and sync to iPhone > check the check mark and sync your iPhone again. 2. If the greyed iTunes songs won't sync to iPhone, try to rename the song and sync again. 3. Update iTunes to the latest version. 4. Check iTunes settings that may prevent the songs to play. 5

If you happen to encounter this problem, here is what you can do to fix it. And please note that this post is only aimed at resolving iPad won't sync with iTunes, if you can't sync iTunes with iPhone, please check the related post. Effective tips on iPad won't sync with iTunes 1. Use an iTunes alternative - EaseUS MobiMover Fre Q: iPhone won't sync with iTunes after iOS 12 update I updated my iPhone 7 Plus with the newest iOS 12 software. When I plug my phone into my macbook it says iTunes could not connect to the iPhone Katie's iPhone because an invalid response was received from the device How to sync your iPhone or iPad if you use a Mac Even though Apple broke up iTunes into several different apps -- Music, TV and Podcasts -- you won't find a sync app on your Mac

i couldn't find the file itoner.bundle, same problem with jason. but while searching for other solutions i moved the sync status box (to get a better view of my web browser) and it disappeared. seems like by moving the status box it completed the sync. tried it afew times and it worked everytime. i noticed that at the top of iTunes, it states that the sync has completed even though the sync. Just like the Apple user reported above, you may meet the issue that iTunes won't sync music to iPhone iPad. This iTunes syncing problem might occur after updating to iOS 10.3.3, or newly-released iOS 11. Or when you sync iTunes songs or playlists to a new iPhone. In most cases, it relates to wrong music syncing settings on iTunes or iPhone. The simplest thing you can do when your iPhone isn't showing in iTunes is to try a different USB cable or USB port. Sometimes, faulty hardware can be the reason why you can't connect properly

This iPhone iTunes sync application can easily help you to transfer iPhone videos, messages, photos, music, audiobooks, and more to iTunes, and vice versa. With its help, you are able to rebuild iTunes library in a few clicks. dr.fone is available for Mac and Windows users in iPhone iTunes sync Usually, iTunes will sync with your iPhone 5s without any problems and you will easily perform the backup, copy videos, music or media. If you find yourself in a very frustrating situation, where iPhone 5 won't sync with iTunes there are a couple of things you can solve the problem It's easy to transfer music from a computer to an iPhone using iTunes. Whether you have a PC or a Mac, you can sync your entire music library or transfer select songs and albums. On Mac computers with macOS Catalina (10.15) or later, this is done through the Music app. You can also transfer music from one iPhone to another

Sync only checked songs and videos: Useful if your iTunes library is bigger than your iPhone's capacity. Prefer standard definition videos: Designed to conserve storage space. This option ensures that, if you have both HD and standard-definition versions of a video, the smaller, standard-definition version is synced iTunes 10 won't Sync iPhone Windows XP. I have had the shits with itunes 10 & sync with my iPhone 4 for a long time now & have tried just about everything posted. Best advice - 1. Disconnect Ethernet cable; 2. Disable all Antivirus & Firewall; (Using Bitdefender put it in Game Mode!!!!) 3. Reconnect iPhone & my life is finally back to normal Hi, I have an iPhone 5S and since I updated Windows to Windows 7 and now 10, iTunes will not detect my iPhone when I plug it into my laptop. Used to automatically connect so now I can't sync anything. Now Windows opens a box called Phone Companion. I don't want Phone Companion. I want my iTunes How to resolve iTunes sync error item can't be synced. This issue occur when there is no sufficient space on your phone or ipad. Just delete some of the unus..

You can't backup iPhone to iTunes if your device is not successfully connected to your computer. So, make sure you are not using a faulty USB cable or damaged USB port. To test it, you can try to use another USB cable and plug into a different USB port That's it. When you plug that device into the computer, iTunes will no longer automatically sync the device. You can still sync the device manually any time you want, of course. Stop All Devices from Syncing with iTunes. If you use more than one iOS device, you can also stop them all from syncing with iTunes completely You can follow the same steps to sync photos, videos to iPod via iTunes. If you still have iTunes not syncing troubles with your iPod, check out the tricks below. 2. iPod Touch Won't Add Or Sync Music After Update/Restor There are different ways you can add ebooks saved on your computer to your iOS devices. You can simply send books from computer to iOS device via emails, you can also sync books to iPhone iPad iPod touch through iTunes. Adding books to iPhone via email. Importing books in PDF or ePub format to iPhone using email is easy Wired sync is faster and you can watch it happen, but Wi-Fi sync is much more convenient and you don't even have to remember to start it. Launch iTunes from your desktop, Start menu, or taskbar. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer with your Lightning to USB or 30-pin USB cable

Can't transfer purchases from iPhone to iTunes in iOS 9. If you cannot transfer purchases from iPhone to iTunes in iOS 9, it's not an issue. Apple has been disabling it because, on iOS 9, the applications that are downloaded through App Store will be adjusted with the iOS device version that you have The question 'Why can't I add music to iPhone?' is much more frequent than you might think. That's precisely why it deserves a separate discussion and a deep dive. Most likely, you are frustrated because iTunes won't sync music to iPhone or you simply can't add files to iTunes. The thing is - iTunes is flawed You can use iTunes to sync videos, photos, songs, apps and contacts to your iDevices. But sometimes things go wrong, iTunes can't sync with iPhone iPod or iPad at all . If you have this problem, here is a step by step guide show you how to fix the iTunes sync problem, and this method works for both Windows system and Mac OS X

Fix: iPhone not Syncing with iTunes After iOS 14/13 Updat

If you notice the problem is occurring due to a certain content purchased from iTunes store, delete that content from your iPhone. Later, after the sync up process, you can re-download it again from the store at no cost. In case the data is not from the iTunes Store, then too you can delete and re import it from the original source How to sync music to iPhone isn't difficult at all.The same question also covers the topic i.e. how to sync music from iTunes to iPhone.Syncing music to iPhone makes the users get the music they want on the device.How to sync music from iPhone to iTunes is also popular among the users as Apple has built-in technology for it. This tutorial will also resolve the issue when it comes to iPhone not. Using iCloud to sync Microsoft Outlook and iPhone calendars. Using iCloud to sync your Microsoft Outlook and iPhone calendars isn't quite as simple as using iTunes, but don't worry. It involves a few extra steps, but it's still pretty straightforward. First, you'll need to sync both of your calendars to the cloud

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iTunes is a platform which you can use to manage your iPhone files.You can also use this to sync files in case you want to transfer files from one phone to another. Furthermore, you can also save your music files in its library. With that, in case you have a new iPhone, you can actually transfer music from iTunes to iPhone Sync music from computer to iPhone with iTunes. Step 3. Click Apply to start and wait until the syncing process done. Click Apply to start to sync music to iPhone If iTunes not working to sync music. During using iTunes to sync music to your iPhone 7/8/8 Plus, you may face some problems like can't connect to iTunes, iTunes crashing and. Your changes will save and your iPhone will no longer sync with iTunes over WiFi. You can still sync normally using the Sync button on the Summary page when connecting your iPhone to your computer with USB

iCloud will open and ask you to sign in. If you don't see it, go to Start , search for iCloud, and then select it. Sign in with your AppleID. Choose what you want to sync to your Surface and select apply. Sync your iPhone and Surface using OneDrive. OneDrive syncs photos and files from your iPhone to your Surface iPhone won't connect to iTunes - Reset all settings on iPhone In the following article, we have mainly showed you several solutions you can use when iPhone won't connect to iTunes. Mostly, users can solve the issue with one of the solutions we listed here, but if you tried all of them and your iPhone still won't connect to iTunes, the best thing is to visit one of the Apple Stores and get some. It's possible that synchronous session can't start on device, or you may be running an older version of iTunes. In this article, we will teach you how to deal with the problem that iPhone will not synchronize with iTunes. These solutions can be applied to almost all major versions of iOS Windows 7 or later: Open C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media. Since you can't manage the apps using iTunes interface, you'll have to use your computer's file explorer alongside.

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IPhone can't be synced by iTunes, Sync problem Asked By Julia Turner 40 points N/A Posted on - 08/16/201 Even though we can all feel that iOS 10 is going to the path where iTunes will no longer be needed, many of us still need to use iTunes in the meantime in order to sync our iPad, iPhone 7 plus or iPod touch, not only for copying music, media and videos but also for backing up apps and other files. iTunes will normally sync with an iPhone or other iDevices without any problems, but there can be. We've definitely seen a second sync needed for iBooks syncing. iPhone users also report that another possible fix is to unplug their iPhone or iPad and rename the voice memo in the app itself. To do this, you can simply click on the name of the voice memo on your phone and then afterwards, plug your device back into iTunes and try syncing again

You can sync your iPhone wirelessly to iCloud, which will work in the background to sync important information among your mobile devices. For example, you could purchase a song in iTunes on your iPhone, then listen to it on your computer That's about it. This way, you won't need iTunes to sync songs to the iPhone for enjoyment on the go. Method 2: Use cloud storage service — Google Play Music. Utilizing a cloud-based music service to share the music collection between computer and iPhone is another viable way to upload songs to the iPhone without using iTunes Part 3: How To Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes. To sync music from iTunes to iPhone is easy, but you'll have a variety of restrictions casted upon by Apple. Here are some common complaints against iTunes sync. Probably you are in the same awkward situation. You can only sync your iPhone with one iTunes library, on one computer

Hi, I have a MacBook OS X version 10.5.8, which runs iTunes in 10.6.3. I recently upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 7, after being prompted by Apple, only to realise that it won't now sync with my version of iTunes. When I check for software updates, I'm told that my computer can't upgrade and therefore neither can my iTunes. So it looks like I'm stuck with a MacBook OS X 10.5.8 and an iTunes 10.6.3. Why can't I select it? That means you are setup to specifically control what syncs to your device. You should be able to just select the Sync button from the iPhone or iPad screen, and a prompt should appear that says The iPhone contains new voice memos. Would you like to copy these voice memos to your iTunes library

Transfer Photos from iPhone iOS 13 to Mac without iTunes

New I phone 3G. I opened I tunes account and put on my Media Library and it took ages but it converted everything to whatever format the iphone needs. But it wont sync. Or rather it syncs and says tha read mor If you need to transfer music which was not purchased through iTunes Store, and you do not want to sync the music using iTunes, there is a way! Although you can't share the music directly from the iPhone Music app, you can transfer your music from iPhone to iPhone without iTunes: Transfer your music from iPhone to computer using TouchCopy I started using Apple's Music streaming service. When I was trying to sync an album purchased in the past from iTunes Store to my iPhone, I received the following message: Some of the files were not copied to the iPhone because iCloud Music Library is enabled on this phone Only a part of the.. Sync iPhone to Mac: Familiarity breeds contempt. To sync your iPhone and iPad to your Mac in Catalina, plug it in using your Lightning/USB-C cable, and open up a Finder window. In the left sidebar.

Can't sync personal tracks Spotify application, on your computer, then see them, as long as you have opened iTunes on the same computer, before. I can see my iTunes playlists, in up on the iOS app, but when i went to the playlist none of the songs were there, and would still not download. Also, my iPhone doesn't show up on the. If you are in range of the same Wi-Fi network your Mac or PC is on, you can launch a sync from your iOS device. To do so, tap on Settings > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync , then tap Sync Now to start.

And we've heard that many users complain that their iPhone not connecting to iTunes on Windows 10 PC. In this post, we are going to show you some useful tips to fix iPhone 7/6s/6 won't connect to iTunes Issue after iOS 11 update. Can't Miss: How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone 7/7 Plus. Table of Contents Sync ringtones from computer to iPhone is just like you transfer other content or files to iPhone. You need to use iTunes or other easier transfer tools. Below we will demonstrate how you can sync ringtones to iPhone using iTunes, at the end of this guide, we will also suggest some iTunes alternative that can also help you send ringtones from. When using iTunes to backup, restore or sync your iPhone iPad, you may face a lot of issues, such as iTunes error 14, 50, 39 and 54

If iTunes can't locate or identify some or all of your songs, it won't sync your entire music library. To check this, go to your music library or open iTunes and view your song list. Scroll down your list of songs and check for any that has an exclamation mark (!) in front of its name Note: It's quite the same to fast sync audiobooks to iPad, iPod, or transfer music from iPhone to Mac, video, movies, TV shows, ringtone, voice memos, photos, ebooks etc. media files between iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer without iTunes syncing.Since developers update the iOS file transfer frequently, some nice new features may not be mentioned here iTune Sync is useful to iPhone/iPod/iPad users. Let me give you a good news those who don't know there is a setting in iTunes where you can manually manage your music files so you can just copy your music files straight into iPhone without syncing, simply by just dragging and dropping files

Follow these instructions to sync them to your iPhone: Step 1. Launch iTunes. Connect your iPhone and iTunes should automatically detect it. Step 2. Locate the ringtones in your computer and drag it to your iTunes library. To do this, you can also click on Tones from your iTunes library and drop the ringtones there. If in case you can't see. Part 1. Use iTunes to transfer music from CD to iPhone Step 1: Sync your Songs in CDs with iTunes. Take it easy, it is not some big deal and it will not take you too much time if the size of your media files in your CD is not too large. Be sure that your computer has a CD-ROM. First, you need to insert your CDs in the CD-ROM I recently deleted and reinstalled itunes due to a problem with it crashing every time I plugged in my phone to sync. That problem was solved after lots of effort, now the problem is my phone won t sync. The sync button is greyed out with my used memory being a yellow bar and remaining storage grey. Neither wifi sync or plugging it in work No - you do not need iTunes to use an iPhone 5 with a Mac running 10.5.x - so that can save you time and expense. The downside, is iTunes won't be doing the management of your iPhone 5 directly, but there are other programs that can talk to iOS 6 devices like iPhone 5 and run well on 10.5 hardware and software Using Outlook 2016 & iPhone 6S, I am sometimes able to sync Outlook calendars with the iPhone calendars using iTunes. However, lately it's not working. Even though I add or delete appointments to Outlook, syncing doesn't change it on my iPhone. The steps I take are: 1. On the iPhone..

How To Solve The iTunes Could Not Connect To iPhone ErrorApple seeds iOS 8 beta 5 to developers: here is what's newRingtones and text tones gone after updating to iOS 8How To Recover Lost Or Deleted Text Messages On iPhoneWinPhone Data Transfer: How to Directly Transfer Lumia

I've been using spotify since it's early days when it was still completely free, and I've had a premium account since the day they started charging money for it. I haven't had this problem forever, just suddenly one day it wouldn't sync the local files to my iphone anymore. I tried reinstalling it both on my phone and Mac, but it doesn't help Steps to Sync Podcasts from iTunes to iPhone Step 1 Download and install the latest iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone with the PC via a USB cable. You will find your iPhone icon at the top-left corner in iTunes, click it. Step 2 Under the Summary section,. iTunes could be kind of irritating while doing iPhone/iPad/iPod data transfer and backing up/ restoring data. Fortunately, there is an third-party tool, like Syncios Mobile Manager , hepling you transfer music, videos, photos, contacts, messages, apps, etc. between iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer easily.With this utility mobile assistant, you are able to backup & restore everything on your. Choose Apply to sync iTunes with your iPhone. The amount of content you sync and depending on that process can take a few seconds to several minutes. Android. Step 1. On your Android phone open Apps menu and select Play Store to open the Google Play Store and then choose the Search icon and enter the syncing program name in a search box,. If you don't mind the previous music on your iPhone, then sync music from iTunes to iPhone is not bad. Comparatively, TuneFab WeTrans can also transfer music from computer to iPhone 6/7/8/X without any restriction, and it is able to sync music between iPhone and iPhone or other iOS devices How to Permanently Wipe iPhone without iTunes. Please note that simply erasing iPhone with iTunes does not completely erase your phone. Even if it seems that all the data on your iPhone is gone, but others can recover the deleted data through the high-tech iOS data recovery program. Also, there are problems like this or that when wiping the.

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